event communication mix
offline communication


Live communication is all about finding "the green line" with bounds communication and events. Make sure the invitation is not just in lign with the look and feel of the event concept, but actually has a unique position in the total experience that is being created.

A brand building opportunity with measurable moments.

If you are looking for an event logo, a creative event invitation, a promotional distribution campaign, or any offline moment in lign with the larger event communication plan, don't hesitate to contact us.

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online and digital communication


Web registration, social media tools, direct e-mailings, on-site-scanning, event apps, SMS text messaging, finger print identification, badge printing, or any other online digital action “Big Brother” at The Media House will fit this right into the event communication plan.


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Together with our copy writers and press partners we create rumor around the brand and build lasting relationships with a broad variety of media channels and professional journalists.

A press conference is also a unique live communication moment that has to be will prepared.

"An event shaken, not stirred."

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